Working & Living in Canada – A Complete Guide

No matter whether you are considering living or working in Canada but the high quality of life in Canada is just proverbial. Canada has always been ranked in the top 10 by the United Nations Human Development Index. It’s not only you but majority of people in Canada are born abroad. No doubt, there are huge benefits of being a permanent resident or citizen of Canada.

Working & Living in Canada - A Complete Guide

Canada has come up with different immigration programs allowing people to live and work in Canada but the permits are issued only to those who are skillful, educated and with professional experience. Those who intend to work and live in Canada need to be fluent in English and for Quebec you should be fluent in French language as well.

  1. If you wish to apply for the immigration programs, plan accordingly because the whole process might take up to two years.
  2. Prepare a checklist for the list of documents you need to provide during the process as well as after you arrive in Canada.
  3. You need to provide sufficient funds required to cover the whole living expense during your stay in Canada for the initial six months.
  4. Check what all things you can carry with you or else you might have a pay duty for it. If you are shipping your belongings then you must be present in Customs to clear your belongings or else it will be take in bond by the custom officials.
  5. Identify a right place to live in Canada based on your lifestyle, requirements and budget.
  6. If you wish to work in Canada, find out whether you require a work permit for your occupation or not.
  7. If you wish to work in Canada, then you should have a job offer with an LMIA. This indeed is a lengthy process. To make it easier you can opt for intercompany transfer for which no LMIA is required.
  8. After couple of years of working, you wish to settle down in Canada, and then you can opt for federal skilled workers program or Canadian experience class program which will enable you to secure a permanent resident status.
  9. If you wish to make investment into a Canadian business or run your own business, you can also opt for Canada investor visa or business visa program, which enables you to move to Canada along with your family within very short period of time i.e. six months.

Be it an express entry program, federal skilled workers program, or investor/business visa, candidates are assessed based on certain criteria’s such as education, age, professional experience, language ability etc.


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